Scaling Success - Navigating Growth in the Equipment Dealership Industry

Event Date: 7/19/2023

Event Time: 8am PST / 11am EST

Held via Zoom

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Featured Speaker:

 John Adcock

Since founding Adcock Equipment Inc. in January 2018, John has since built a team that includes his brothers, wife, father, best friend Dan Capes and another 15+ dedicated employees between two provinces.

Adcock Equipment is known as Canada’s Aerial Lift Specialists, and encompasses sales, service & repair, parts, and re-renting of telehandlers and aerial equipment across Canada.

John brings over 15 years of experience in the equipment industry, having spent over 9 years as an equipment broker atone of the largest material handling dealerships in North America prior to founding his own company in 2018.

What You'll Learn

For the fourth edition of The Rental Roundtable, join Quipli CEO Kyle Clements and John Adcock, President of Adcock Equipment,  as they discuss how to scale success and navigate growing your business in the equipment dealership industry.

Since founding Adcock Equipment in 2018, John has grown the company to over 20 employees across 2 provinces, and recently moved the company into a custom, purpose-built 18,500 sq ft.+ facility in Alberta.

In this session, we'll cover: 

• Building a thriving equipment dealership from scratch
• Cash flow best practices and financial management
• Strategies for overcoming equipment shortages amidst surging demand
• Navigating team dynamics: lessons learned working with friends and colleagues

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